16th Festival of the Premier Public Relations of Iran

According to an 15-year tradition, Kargozar Public Relations Institute of Iran, precious awards will grant to the winner in 2018. In order to be included in this procedure, the organizations, corporations and individuals should be candidate and declare their significant and outstanding activities within the limits of the regulations; it should consist of:

1- Explaining the subject / opportunity
2- Researches
3- Planning
4- Implementation
5- The emerged / monitored and evaluated
The awards will be granted to those organizations, corporations and individuals that have been explicitly judged by the jury in any field. For the first time this year, there will be gifts beyond that, considered for people of first rate in any field, which will be presented to the winners.

Various Sections of the Festival are as follows:
A – Special
• Medal of Public Relations of Iran
• Public Relations Insignia (Special Prize of the Kargozar of Public Relations Institute)
• Special Prize of the Year
• The Prize of The Chosen Best Public Relations

B – Principal
• Research and Investigation
• Media Communications
• Relation with People
• Organizational Relationship
• Crisis Commnication
• Event Management for Planning and Presenting a successful even with the Public Relations dimensions
• International Public Relations
• Social Accountability
• Advertising and Marketing

C – Publications
• Book
• Brochures

D – Public Relations Activists
• Managers Advocating Public Relations
• Premier Public Relations Manager
• Premier Public Relations Expert

E – Digital Public Relations
• Website
• Cell-phone Media
• Weblog (Organizational – Personal)
• E-Mail and Internet Newsletter(s)
• Intranet (Private Domestic Media Network)
• Activities in the Social Networks




Electronic Mail (E-Mail):