ICPR Agendas
What topics are being considered in the conference?
ICPR, with keynote speakers, gives participants the opportunity to take advantage of an inspirational and interactive event to bolster their skills. ICPR secretariat has issued a call for submission of scientific and research papers on the following topics and issues:

 Scenario-creation as a means of future thinking; concepts and key issues
 Public relations and scenario-based planning
 Types, features and applications of scenario-based planning in public relations
 Scenario-creation and strategic management in public relations
 Novel methods for using scenarios and simulations; the status and role of public relations
 Public Relations Training: Scenarios, Criteria, Resources, Creativity and Innovation
 Crisis Management; Scenario Planning - Protecting the Organization against an Uncertain World
 Scenario-creation in public relations: Information Revolution, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
 Short-term Objectives and Key Results (OKR) in scenario-creation with an emphasis on public relations
 Content relation (message) with scenario-creation in public relations
 The approach of Scenario-based planning and practical guidance for the future of public relations
 Case studies; scenario-creation in public relations