The 10th International Conference on PR in Iran

Integrated Public Relations

13-14 January 2014, Tehran



We truly thank God for holding the first and biggest event in public relations in Iran (2004); an event which originated many other events in different fields of PR in Iran, and gathered more than hundreds of PR practitioners, managers and enthusiasts and created an opportunity to share their experience.

More than 300 PR experts, professors and practitioners from in and outside the country shared their experience with the audiences to be a milestone for Iran’s PR which is still trapped in subjective and conservative practices.

The 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners, held on 8-10 Dec. 2012 with more than 1200 attendees, is a positive response to a trust which is the main capital for this major event organizers.

We thank you for your support and trust and apologize for shortcomings. We hope to take another step forward with your support.


A golden opportunity to practice “integrated public relations”

Research results show that designing communication models in public relations is highly dependent on “advertising” and apart from a limited attention to other tactics such as “media relations”, other elements and tools have hardly been used.

Integrated public relations is used in PR strategic management and communication planning in order to integrate every activity of an organization related to its audience and stakeholders so that the activities be in line with the pre-determined objectives.

“Integrated public relations” has the two following features:

1. Proper use of communication tools, components, media and tactics

2. Integration of messaging and various functions of communication: conveying and receiving messages to create a unitary concept in audience. In other words, conveying a single image and voice through all communication functions.

Therefore, in order to coordinate and align all PR activities in each point of contact with audience toward a single goal, we use the concept of integrated public relations. This is an approach to leading and integration of planning, implementation and monitoring of messages.


The 10th International Conference on PR in Iran

Kargozar PR Institute strives toward increasing the capabilities and competencies of public relations unites in public and private sector. This has a significant impact on PR unites’ professional policies and communication activities, because the ability to provide management integrated sources is the first and most urgent need of today’s public relations.

Adopting integrated management of public relations is a strategic decision for each organization and its implementation to meet the demands of audiences and improve the effectiveness of management is a must.  

Kargozar PR Institute, as a non-governmental organization active in the field of public relations, in cooperation with governmental agencies, union organizations, universities, international organizations and relevant institutions, holds the 10th International Conference on PR in Iran, to establish communication between PR policy makers, administrators, researchers, managers and practitioners and those interested in this field.

Herewith, all researchers and experts in PR, publicity and marketing fields are invited to share their experience and knowledge in this Conference.


Conference main topics

1.      Concepts of integrated public relations

-          Concept of integrated public relations

-          Importance of integrated public relations

-          Integrated PR process

-          Effective elements and components of integrated PR

-          Organization and management of integrated PR

-          Standardization of integrated PR

-          Advantages of integrated PR

-          Pathology of integrated PR

2.      Policy making in integrated public relations

-          Policy making, modeling and strategies of integrated PR

-          Role of PR universities, societies and institutes in integrated PR development

-          Role of executives and PR managers in integrated PR development

-          Role of education in integrated PR development

-          Role of research in integrated PR planning

3.      Integrated public relations and integrated communication planning

-          Integrated communication planning

-          Policy making and outsourcing

-          Designing effective models

-          Combinatorial approach to policies, measures and means of communication

-          Importance and promotion mix of integrated PR

-          Integrated communication management and integrated approach development  

4.      Integrated public relations and technology

-          Mobile collaboration in virtual world

-          Practical programs

-          Applications of virtual world

-          Integrated communication technology

-          Integrated messaging

5.      Integrated public relations, campaign designing and evaluation

-          Implementation of integrated PR system

-          Designing PR campaigns 

-          Evaluation of PR campaigns and communication programs efficiency

-          Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of consultation

-          Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of education


Conference calendar

Deadline for paper submission

August 11, 2013

Deadline for Conference, Exhibition and workshops registration

August 11, 2013

Top PR festival submission deadline 

September 11, 2013

Deadline for workshop proposal

August 11, 2013

Paper acceptance notification

September 11, 2013

Deadline for PowerPoint

October 12, 2013




An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the conference to provide an opportunity for PR Institutes across the country to present their achievements. Therefore, all PR Institutes, advertising companies and … are invited to present their achievements to the enthusiasts. For further information visit the Conference website.


Registration fee

The registration fee includes presence in the Conference, educational package and coffee breaks and lunch:



General attendees

4,000,000 rls.


Members of KPRI and Iran PR Information Network

3,000,000 rls.


PR and communication students

2,000,000 rls.


Educational workshops

3,000,000 rls.