Prof Ameli to Receive Dr Notqi Award

Iranian Public Relations News Network(shara) Saeed Reza Ameli, professor of communications at University of Tehran, is poised to be awarded with an international prize named after the pioneer of public relations in Iran.


The awarding ceremony will take place during the tenth international conference on public relations in January next year.

Ameli will receive the award for his scientific and research efforts in the field of communications and public relations.


Ameli, who teaches at the Faculty of Social Sciences of University of Tehran, is affiliated with the Group of Americas Studies of the Faculty of World Studies. He is also head of the Scientific Association of World Studies. Besides teaching in different bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. levels, he has authored 18 books in Persian and 16 books in English. He has also published hundreds of articles in Persian, English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. His last work, entitled “Two-Space Public Relations: Concepts, Theories and Action Plan” is under publication.


Ameli studied at J. F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento before studying mechanical engineering in the State University of Sacramento. He finished his university in 1981 and returned to Iran to study sociology at University of Tehran up to master’s. His bachelor’s thesis was mediacracy. He got his MA in 1985 before leaving for London to get his Ph.D. in communications sociology. In 2001, he returned to Iran. Ameli also studied at seminary for twelve years.


Currently, Ameli is vice-chancellor of University of Tehran for planning and information technology. He is also a member of Board of Trustees of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in London as well as the London-based International Committee of World Studies. His other positions include membership of the Research Council of the Research Center for Cultural and Social Studies of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, head of Association of World Studies at University of Tehran, director of World Studies Periodical, member of the Supreme Council for Supervision on Tehran Urban Development, member of the ad hoc committee for communications and media in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.


He is the founder and member of Board of Trustees of the Islamic College of Advanced Studies in London, founder and director of Islamic Studies Institute in London, founder and head of the Institute for North America-Europe Studies at University of Tehran, member of research team on American and Canadian studies at University of Birmingham, editor in Globalization Research Magazine and Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, founder of the Faculty of World Studies, chief editor of Iran Cultural Research periodical, member of coordinating council of international seminar on advancement of science and technology in the Muslim world and head of the Research Center for Virtual Policies at the Faculty of World Studies of the University of Tehran.


Ameli has so far received numerous awards including one from the National Foundation of the Elite. Other honors of this professor are as follows:

- Exemplary professor of e-public relations (2008)

- Exemplary researcher at University of Tehran, designing a virtual Tehran, need assessment and feasibility studies (2009)

- Exemplary researcher at University of Tehran, strategic studies on virtual space (2010)

- Winner of season book prize for his book entitled “Critical Approach to the US Virtual Colonialism” (2010)

- Top cultural researcher for his book entitled “Critical Approach to the US Virtual Colonialism” (2010)

- Best international writer for his 15 books in English as well as 50 articles presented to international conferences (2013)

- Top researcher in the 22nd Festival of Research and Technology at the University of Tehran (2013)

- Winner of Ispa national award for conducting the first electronic survey in Iran


Kargozar Public Relations Institute founded Dr Hamid Notqi award in 2004 at national and international levels. Four people have so far received the prize:

 Professor Kazem Motamednejad, founder of modern communications in Iran (2004)

Professor James Grunig from the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland (2005)

Professor Ali Akbar Jalali, father of IT in Iran (2009)

Professor Ali Akbar Farhangi, father of media management in Iran (2012)