Integrated PR: Expanded
Iranian Public Relations News Network(shara) — Because social media has reignited the PR profession and influenced a new world of communications, PR professionals are increasing their roles and responsibilities as well as integrating efforts with other areas in their organizations. Today’s practitioners are shifting from communication handlers and facilitators to strategic influencers and champions.  When PR meets social media, and communication unites with technology, PR professionals have the opportunity to expand their skill set and their PR practices.
 Deirdre Breakenridge, author of “Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices for the PR Professional,” discusses how the use of technology and communications together raise the profile of public relations in the eyes of executives and the public.  With a focus on integrating social media into strategic planning, today’s professionals are able to capture deeper engagement and greater impact with the public.  
 PR professionals will embark on new practices and be actively involved in social media as:
 ·         PR Policymakers to spearhead a team of social media visionaries and strategists from different areas of the organization who participate in audits, policy development and social governance;
 ·         Internal Collaboration Generators and COMMS Organizers who, through collaborative technology, create more opportunities to innovate and develop meaningful content for productive and targeted communications programs;
 ·         PR Tech Testers and Relationship Analyzers, using new competencies in Information Technologies to experience the latest social media tools, resources and applications;
 ·         Pre-Crisis Doctors and Members of the Reputation Task force, becoming more proactive and fully prepared for social crisis, upholding and maintaining the image of their brands, at all times; and
 ·         Masters of the Metrics, who will also be able to build programs that offer executives the metrics they expect, revealing communications impact and valuable business outcomes.