Message of IPRA President 2015

Iranian Public Relations News Network(shara) As President of the International Public Relations Association, I offer my congratulations to Iran and the holding of the 12th international PR Conference with its interesting theme of Public Relations and Futurology.


Public relations plays a key role in all aspects of personal, interpersonal, social and organizational relationships. Today PR is a respected and valued profession.


We will all have been affected by a series of tragic events in different countries this year. And we ask ourselves: what is our response? The answer must be to return to what we do best: communication and the communication of the truth. Good communication, crafted in a way that generates reliable feedback, is the way to bring light to the darkness of misinformation. In the face of violent events communicators must be tolerant, responsible and, above all, honest. Truth not only sets us free but also restores hope and builds trust.


A truthful PR is the basis of social responsibility that builds the reputation and credibility of an organization. Public Relations is essential for a society based on dialogue and tolerance.


IPRA is proud once again to be associated with the international PR Conference in Iran. I would like to extend my best wishes to Mehdi Bagherian, President of AIPRS and this conference’s Secretary General as well as to every one attending this important event.