Fundamental Values ​​of Public Relations in the Words of Imam Ali

Iranian Public Relations News Network(shara) — In this paper, firs I will analyze the content of 20 authentic definition of public relation from founders and national and international association of public relation and then I will identify the Fundamental values ​​of public relations. Furthermore I will do the same to Imam Ali words in Nahj al-Balaghah and at the end we will compare our finding. Based on this research Fundamental values ​​of public relations from the view of founders and national and international association of public relation are the following

1. Fair behavior: Public relation agents should have fair behavior with the organizations officials and employees, customers, suppliers and distributors, the media, competitors and the public

2. Honesty: Public relations practitioners should prepare and publish information honestly.

3. Freedom of speech: Public relation agents should support the freedom of speech for public and Medias.

4. Loyalty: Public relation agents should be loyal to their organization values and try to do best.

5. Responsible practices: Public relation agents should be responsible for their actions.

6. Improving knowledge: Public agencies are required to gain experience and specialized knowledge that is necessary for ding best.

7. Reciprocal relationship: Public relation agents should use advertising and informing means to develop reciprocal relationship in order to get reciprocal understanding.
The results show that the fundamental values ​​of public relations are significant in Imam Ali words and the values ​​confirmed by the words of Imam Ali.